Bio-options, Inc., Your Trusted Partner for Industry Leading Clinical Conductor CTMS  
4/13/2012 1:50:55 PM

Rochester, NY – April 13, 2012 – Clinical Conductor™ Site and Enterprise continue to be the leading Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) on the market today. Bio-Optronics, the developer of the web-based software, strives to create innovative healthcare workflow software solutions that provide users with unrivaled features and benefits. The software is reinforced by an unparalleled customer support and training staff. Passionate customer support is a cornerstone of Bio-Optronics, and remains as one of the main reasons customers consistently say Bio-Optronics is on a level all its own. Together, these elements mean smooth execution of clinical trials for sites, academic medical centers (AMC), site management organizations (SMO), contract research organizations (CRO) and sponsors alike. Visit us at ACRP 2012 in booth # 714, from April 14-17, at MAGI East 2012 from May 20-24 and at DIA 2012, in booth # 1816, from June 24-28.

“It is one thing to create a powerful CTMS like Clinical Conductor; however it is another thing to train and support customers as they use Clinical Conductor. Thankfully, our small but growing site operates more efficiently and effectively because Bio-Optronics has done both,” says Wade Strzinek, President of Protenium Clinical Research in Hurst, Texas.

Clinical Conductor CTMS is more than just a data repository; it drives workflow through every stage of a clinical trial. Features include recruitment tools, comprehensive marketing campaign tracking, powerful patient database search tools, automated patient visit scheduling, complete financial management and optional integration with QuickBooks and Greenphire’s ClinCard patient debit card system. The software uniquely executes clinical trial workflow like no other solution on the market, allowing organizations to efficiently and accurately manage trials.

“Clinical Conductor is one-stop-shopping. Previously, I used several different programs to manage my research site, like Outlook, Excel and QuickBooks. Clinical Conductor has allowed me to integrate the functions of each of these programs under one roof, making for a more streamlined approach to site management,” says Michael Ellis, Director of Pensacola Research Consultants in Pensacola, Florida.

The software helps users address many ever-present industry challenges, including failure to meet study enrollment quotes, disparate financial management of trials and costly communication overhead at both the patient and organizational level. With the software’s database, marketing and recruiting tools, sites have been proven to have an easier time recruiting and enrolling patients in studies. Detailed tracking of marketing efforts have led to increased marketing funds from sponsors. Cost management is achieved through Clinical Conductor’s comprehensive financial controls and centralized financial management, which have decreased administrative costs, streamlined staff workflow and optimized P&L results. Communication and collaboration in clinical trials continues to be costly. Unlike other CTMS software, Clinical Conductor has integrated communications, so contacting a patient or site or checking on trial status and documentation is never more than a click away. “Research networks have been increasing their breadth and complexity in recent years, and the need to collaborate and communicate across the boundaries of the different actors and information systems is an issue that must be addressed,” explains Dan Kerpelman, CEO of Bio-Optronics. “Clinical Conductor Enterprise offers the comprehensive functionality required to achieve a greater level of collaboration and communication amongst heterogeneous networks, leading to more efficient trial management.”

Bio-Optronics, Inc. is a software and services provider specialized in solutions to help healthcare professionals manage and optimize workflow, thus enhancing quality, productivity and patient and staff satisfaction. For 27 years, Bio-Optronics has demonstrated leadership in innovation, expertise in workflow and integration and a focus on unparalleled customer service.

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