Roche (RHHBY) Cuts the Price of Cancer Drugs in India - Under Pressure?  
3/29/2012 9:37:05 AM

March 28, 2012 -- Last week, Roche said it would “significantly” reduce the price the company charges in India for two expensive biotech cancer drugs – Herceptin and MabThera (known as Rituxin in the US). The move came two weeks after India stripped Bayer of its exclusive license to market the cancer treatment Nexavar in India. In the ruling, India allowed a local company to produce Nexavar at a price of $172 per month, a 97% reduction from the $5,500 that Bayer charged. To most people, the two stories seem related, even though Roche would not say the implicit pressure from Indian authorities was responsible for its price reductions. More details....

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