Porvair Filtration Group Ltd. Release: Chromatrap® Enriches Transcriptional Factor from Clinical Tissue  
3/23/2012 9:47:40 AM

March 23, 2012 -- Chromatrap® Pro-A, the novel solid-based matrix for chromatin immunoprecipitation assays (ChIP) has been successfully used by researchers to understand the role of CTCF, a transcription factor, in tumorigenesis in clinical tissue specimens.

A recent study by the School of Biological Sciences, University of Essex, used Chromatrap® Pro-A 1ml columns with gravity feed to assess the occupancy of various key regulators such as c-myc and ERG1 at CTCF target sites in the p14ARF and Bax promotor regions in clinical tissue samples. Excellent enrichment was achieved from the complex tissue samples and the Chromatrap® Pro-A 1ml columns proved easy-to-use with either gravity or vacuum for more rapid throughput.

Full details are available in a newly published Application Note. For a copy of the Application Note please visit or contact Porvair Filtration Group on +44-1489-864330 / +1-804-550-1600 / email

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