Fuisz Pharma Announces Filing of Patent Application Relating to Breath-Based Diagnostics  
3/21/2012 10:45:30 AM

MIAMI, March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Fuisz Pharma today announced the filing of a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office relating to the field of breath-based diagnostic systems.

Joseph Matus Fuisz Esq., commented, "The field of breath diagnostics holds enormous potential to extend the range of convenient and portable non-invasive diagnostic techniques. This patent application is directed towards addressing some of the challenges that have prevented commercial adoption of breath diagnostic systems, and specifically those challenges relating to addressing contaminants that can confuse results."

Richard C. Fuisz M.D. (, a co inventor with Joseph Fuisz, stated; "This is an exciting and very important application. In the future, it will be thought of as bedrock to the advancing use of the breath for diagnosis. Diagnostics are moving toward the breath and with our interest in diagnostics we, of course, shall be there."

Fuisz Pharma is a private pharmaceutical technology company originated by the Fuiszes. The Fuiszes have made substantial contributions in drug delivery including orally dissolving tablets and novel particle coating systems at Fuisz Technologies; inventing and developing thin film drug delivery technologies at Kosmos Pharma and MonoSol Rx, as well as independently developing extruded sheet technology, and have extensive experience working with big and specialty pharma. Fuisz Pharma has its headquarters in Miami.

SOURCE Fuisz Pharma