IBA Introduces Peer Review Program for 18f Sodium Fluoride (NAF) PET/CT Bone Imaging  
3/2/2012 11:42:31 AM

Dulles, Virginia, March 2, 2012 – IBA Molecular North America, Inc. (IBA) has announced the introduction of SureStart™, an innovative peer review system for NaF PET/CT bone imaging programs. SureStart is designed to help sites effectively establish NaF PET/CT imaging services by fostering quality assurance, staff capability and confidence, and enhanced value to the referring physician community.

SureStart provides direct educational support for PET/CT interpreters with a web-enabled system providing expert peer review for equivocal or challenging NaF PET/CT cases. With minimal configuration and installation requirements, SureStart delivers expert feedback, within approximately 24 hours, on interpretive agreement, as well as technical quality aspects, such as windowing, use of CT co- registration, MIP evaluation, etc. Complementing this service is an introductory educational package dedicated to providing reading physicians with the basics of NaF PET/CT imaging to support interpretation. Included is a narrated reader training presentation, instructional videos on windowing techniques and image processing, illustrative case studies, as well as a NaF PET/CT reporting template. Implementation of SureStart can assist imaging centers in providing quality service, delivering value to their referring community, and experiencing accelerated program growth.

SureStart is an important adjunct to IBA’s NaF Education Best Practices Framework, an all-inclusive education and marketing plan to successfully launch and grow NaF PET/CT bone imaging programs within the referring community. By taking advantage of IBA’s support services, clients are poised for more rapid and sustainable growth in their NaF programs. IBA’s market leadership in 18F Sodium Fluoride is evidence that these programs work.

SureStart is part of IBA’s PETLinQ suite of products, all of which are designed to support and enhance PET imaging programs. PETLinQ IQ is an innovative PET educational web portal, available to all IBA customers. PETLinQ WD is a cost-effective, web-enabled image distribution and archive system, designed to improve connectivity between the imaging site and the referring community. For more information on SureStart, including IBA’s complimentary introductory peer review offering, contact your regional IBA Clinical Account Executive, or go to


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Randall Mastrangelo

Vice President, Marketing

IBA Molecular North America, Inc.