GEA NU-Con USDA Rotary Valves  
3/1/2012 10:21:54 AM

March 1, 2012 -- GEA Nu-Con rotary valves have been available to US customers for over 25 years. Our rotary valves are specifically designed to comply with USDA requirements and offer several distinctive features to meet the demanding requirements of the dairy industry.

Tools-free demounting affords the customer a convenient method to remove the rotor from the valve body and features precise rotor alignment to enable easy re-assembly after cleaning or inspection.

To enhance this further, an optional easy-slide system can be supplied which virtually eliminates rotor "droop" and allows unaided operation for maintenance personnel.

An optional 2nd generation Rotor Detection System (RDS Gen2) now features full operation during wet (CIP) cleaning. With the RDS Gen2 system customers can conveniently configure and monitor up to 25 valves via their site SCADA system.

GEA Nu-Con now has a full time product development team who will continue to introduce new features for their entire range of components and this ensures the future support for our customers.

For more information about GEA Nu-Con rotary valves contact:

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GEA Process Engineering is a leading supplier of production plants and process systems for the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. GEA Process Engineering is recognized as the world leader in industrial drying, thermal concentration, membrane filtration, powder processing and handling, emission control, and aseptic liquid filling as well as process integration and process automation solutions.

GEA Nu-Con specializes in rotary valve supply and bulk solids material handling systems, and offers full design, manufacturing, installation and start-up services anywhere in the world. GEA Nu-Con powder handling systems are especially used for infant formula, dairy and other food processing as well as various industrial applications.