RheoSense Inc. Release: Measure Viscosity With 20µl (microliter) Samples  
1/30/2012 2:36:47 PM

RheoSense Inc. has developed a viscosity test protocol for its m VROC viscometer that achieves viscosity measurement using only 20µl (microliter) of sample fluid.

This micro sample measurement is the lowest in the industry. The test protocol is fully explained in their new applications note; “Small sample viscosity measurements using 20µl (microliter) sample volumes with the RheoSense m VROC viscometer”.

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“Working with customers, especially in protein formulation, we heard a common need to reduce measurement sample size because the fluids were so expensive.” said Matt Chamberlain, Product Marketing Director. “By providing a measurement protocol which uses only 20µl (microliter) of sample, our m-VROC viscosity measurement system can save customers tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in material costs when compared to similar viscometers in use today.”

The m VROC viscosity measurement system already had the smallest sample size in the industry at 50µl (microliter).

RheoSense Inc. is continuing to improve its patented VROC technology to provide more value to customers.

About RheoSense Inc.

RheoSense Inc., is a global viscosity measurement equipment manufacturer. Its VROC (Viscometer-Rheometer-On-a-Chip) technology is the only MEMS microfluidic chip-based viscometry technology in the world. This innovation provides accurate, repeatable viscosity measurement using today’s technology to reduce device footprint and sample size and is being readily adopted in BioPharmaceutical, Blood, Ink and other applications.

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