Carltex Release: Upgrade Any Microscope With an LCD View Screen and Digital Camera  
1/26/2012 10:45:03 AM

Carltex, Inc. of Nyack, NY has introduced a new line of Microscope LCD Digital Tablet/Cameras which are ideal for any microscope that is used in Education, Industry, Medical and R&D applications.

Available in 2.0 MP (BLC-200) and 5.0 MP (BLC-500) resolutions, these units combine the features of a tablet PC and a digital camera. Besides providing a real-time specimen visual display, they can also take specimen snapshots and videos, perform measurements and calibrations (BLC-500), and transfer information to a network and/or internet using the built-in Wi-Fi capability.

Images and data collected are viewed on a 7” (BLC-200) or 10" (BLC-500) high resolution LCD touch screen and can be stored on the built-in Hard Drive or uploaded to a network for further image analysis.

These tablet/cameras are easily connected to any trinocular microscope with a C-mount connector and other included adapters. The BLC-200 can even be connected to mono or binocular microscopes using the included eyepiece adapter. For complete specification on this new line of HD LCD Digital Tablet/Cameras, go to:

Carltex Inc. is located in Nyack , N Y , USA with sales, service, and support facilities. Carltex supplies a wide variety of data acquisition, measurement & control products.

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