MyoScience Inc. Receives CE Mark for Novel Cryotherapy Technology  
12/8/2011 8:30:36 AM

REDWOOD CITY, CA (December 7th, 2011) – myoscience’s novel device technology has been granted CE Mark approval for the temporary treatment of wrinkles and pain.

Myoscience’s patented technology precisely delivers cold energy to targeted nerves. The nerves revert to a hibernating state resulting in a temporary interruption of nerve signaling to sensory receptors or muscle tissue. The effects are immediate with nothing left behind in the patient.

The hand-held device is intended for use in the physician’s office and represents a breakthrough advance relative to older, larger cryotherapy devices. The myoscience design allows for use in superficial tissues that were previously unrealistic targets for older cryotherapy devices.

“Approval of our device in Europe is a pivotal achievement that establishes myoscience as a commercial stage company and lays the foundation for global growth,” said Clint Carnell, Chief Executive Officer of myoscience. “In addition to introducing the device in Europe, we are pursuing approval in other international markets and will soon be enrolling subjects in a pivotal trial to support FDA clearance for the wrinkle indication.”

About myoscience. Myoscience is a privately held medical device company dedicated to developing innovative treatments in whichever fields it chooses to enter. Two generations of the myoscience device have already been cleared for use by the FDA.