IKS International Release: New Particle Counter Extends Scope of Lab Monitoring  
11/3/2011 8:47:19 AM

November 2011 -- IKS International have now added airborne particles to the parameters that can be monitored by their market-leading XiltriX® real-time laboratory monitoring system. Each Calypso Particle data transmitter can support up to ten particle counters for continuous, automatic particle counting in clean rooms, IVF laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities and anywhere that airborne particulates are a potential problem.

The individual laser-based counters are available to a number of specifications, but typically can monitor particles down to 0,3µ in diameter. 0.5µ and 5µ particles are counted simultaneously, accumulating counts over a minute as ambient air flows through the counter at a rate of 1 cubic foot (28.3 litres) per minute. The accumulated particle count is transmitted digitally to XiltriX for logging and reporting. Using digital communication means that there are no data losses due to signal transmission or conversion. XiltriX also continuously monitors the airflow through the counter and its operational status, thus providing traceable, real-time data that will greatly assist compliance with GMP and similar quality protocols.

Particle counting is the latest addition to the growing number of parameters that XiltriX can monitor in biotechnical facilities – temperature, pressure, incubator status, door opening and many others. According to Han Weerdesteyn, XiltriX Product and Export Manager at IKS, “This addition to our range allows IKS to provide the complete monitoring solution that many customers, especially pharmaceutical manufacturers, now require.”

IKS International have over 20 years’ experience in laboratory monitoring and an extensive user base in major hospitals, biomedical laboratories and IVF clinics. Systems can be tailored to customers’ individual needs and supplied to monitor a single incubator, a complete laboratory or an entire building with thousands of individual sensors. IKS also offer consultancy and validation services to assist clients with specifying and developing their monitoring solutions.

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Many well-known international brands of laboratory equipment are represented on an exclusive basis by IKS. Another range of products comes from IKS’ own development and manufacturing division and is distributed worldwide. The flagship of this range is the XiltriX® data logging, monitoring and alarm system. XiltriX® is the result of more than 20 years of continuous development, and has become the market leader in its home market and now has an expanding distributor network and user base outside the Netherlands. A comprehensive Instrument Calibration Service offers traceable, fully accredited calibration for a wide range of instruments and sensors, backed by an in-house service operation with a full range of service and maintenance options.