Ranbaxy Laboratories (RANBAXY.BO) Recalls Three Drugs From UK Market  
10/14/2011 8:33:06 AM

The British arm of Ranbaxy Labs is in the process of recalling three drugs from the UK market. The drug firm has been asked by the UK drug regulator — Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency — to withdraw one batch each of antiviral drug Aciclovir, anti-fungal drug Fluconazole and analgesic Oldaram (Tramadol) from the market. The recall happened as the drugmaker violated stipulated safety warning requirements of the country. It goofed up while implementing the required changes to the patient information leaflets accompanying the concerned drugs and failed to include updated safety information on the leaflets, within the required timelines. Pharmacists in the country have been asked to quarantine all remaining stock of the above batches.