Harvard Apparatus Release: Aerosol Exposure Unit for Mice & Rats  
8/31/2011 10:27:21 AM

Harvard Apparatus-Hugo Sachs Electronik has introduced its NEW Aerosol Exposure Unit (AEU) for mice and rats.

This system is ideally suited for exposing groups of mice or rats to aerosolized powders or liquids. This is Harvard Apparatus-Hugo Sachs Electronik's first system dedicated to inhalation studies in awake animal models.

The AEU is a compact system that works with up to four mice or four rats at a time. The advantage of this system is that the animals remain awake, and metabolic functions are not affected by anesthesia. Researchers also have the option of using this system with dry powders or soluble aerosols.

With the addition of data analysis software, HSE PULMODYN, the researcher can also measure respiratory parameters, such as:

- Tidal Volume

- Maximum Inspiratory and Expiratory Flow

- Respiration Rate

- Duration of Inspiration and Expiration

- Apnea Time

- Time of Brake and Time of Pause

- Airflow at 0.5TV

The AEU system is ideally suited for toxicology studies where a precise understanding of dosage is required (i.e. LD 50 or LD 100's). This system also allows for high throughput drug studies when working with aerosolized substances. The controlled delivery system is also ideally suited for reducing unknowns when working on bioavailability studies.

The AEU is a modular system and Harvard Apparatus is available to configure it for the researchers specific needs. Please contact your local sales representative or technical support member with any questions.

For more information about the Harvard Apparatus-Hugo Sachs Electronik Aerosol Exposure Unit please contact your local representative or our technical support department.

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