HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. (Formerly Known as High Throughput Genomics, Inc.) Launches New Version of MicroRNA Screening Product  
8/29/2011 3:07:08 PM

TUCSON, Ariz.—HTG Molecular Diagnostics today announced the availability of the qDiscovery miRNA Whole Transcriptome Array (WTA) Version 16, a complete solution for microRNA (miRNA) analysis on any sample type or size. This array is an update to the previous Version 11 which measures all known human, rat and mouse miRNA in a single sample well with a quality control tested list of available miRNA genes. It also includes 35 of the top endogenous housekeeping mRNA genes for data normalization. The product is based on HTG’s proven qNPA ArrayPlate technology platform, which allows researchers to measure miRNA and mRNA simultaneously in the same sample well, simplifying studies involving both micro and messenger RNA.