BioEden, Inc. Launches the First Baby Tooth Stem Cell Bank  
6/27/2006 1:00:44 PM

AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 27, 2006 -- BioEden , Inc. is the first company of its kind anywhere in the world open for business in response to overwhelming public interest in new source of stem cells. The stem cells found in children's primary teeth are a viable, ethical, and morally non-controversial alternative to the possibilities offered by embryonic stem cells. BioEden, Inc. was founded to bring this exciting technology to the American public at an affordable price, and to allow for the promise of a better future. World health care is moving toward personalized medicine where treatment is customized for each individual, and the use of stem cells found in children's primary teeth to treat debilitating conditions is a significant step toward that goal.