SANYO Europe Limited Launches Orbital Shaker for Use in High Humidity CO2 Incubators  
8/8/2011 11:02:12 AM

August 2011 -- SANYO’s MIR-S100C is a compact orbital shaker designed specifically for use in high humidity and/or elevated CO2 concentration conditions. With the orbital shaker mounted inside the incubator and an independent controller placed externally, the MIR-S100C offers simple, secure operation suitable for cell culture applications within GMP environments.

The structural design of the MIR-S100C incorporates antibacterial copper alloy stainless steel for the shaker section, with a small window that can be used for spraying disinfectant inside. The controller is a separate unit, preventing humidity from affecting the electrical components and enabling operation to be monitored without opening the incubator.

Revolution speed is adjustable from 40 to 200 rpm and the timer can be set for up to 99.9 hours or continuous operation. A soft start function protects against spilling or foaming of samples inside flasks and test tubes by gradually accelerating at a user-selectable speed until the preset number of revolutions is reached.

Security of operation is assured by a range of features, such as the non-volatile memory facilitating automatic recovery after a power interruption, speed error alarm and motor overload protection circuit. A maintenance-required indicator is provided for timely replacement of belt and bearings, and therefore more secure continuous operation.

Optional accessories include a platform on which cultures may be placed and a widevariety of clamps and racks for various sizes of flasks and tubes. The humidity-protected MIR-S100C is ideally suited to optimising cell culture conditions in laboratories and biotechnology production facilities with even the most stringent GMP requirements.


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