3D Diagnostic Imaging plc (3DD.L) Release: Launch of RemoteView Software Signals the World's First Wireless Caries Monitoring System  
7/6/2011 12:18:27 PM

July 06, 2011 -- 3D is pleased to announce that its subsidiary CarieScan Limited (“CarieScan”), the producer of the CarieScan PRO, a handheld device for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay, has launched its unique RemoteView Software (“RemoteView”). Used exclusively in conjunction with the CarieScan PROtm, the CarieScan Caries Monitoring System is the world’s first dedicated wireless caries monitoring system.

RemoteView changes the paradigm for Caries Monitoring. Working with the CarieScan PROtm, all data including tooth numbers, site information and measurement results, is captured and displayed in a number of formats on the dentist’s computer. Once captured, data is available for review and forms part of an ongoing monitoring record. Disease progression and regression can easily be monitored. All CarieScan PROtm units are shipped with a Bluetooth dongle enabling any XP/Vista/Windows 7 PC to communicate with the CarieScan PROtm.

Further details of RemoteView can be found at

CarieScan has distribution partners for the CarieScan PROtm in 11 key territories and last week announced the appointment of Arseus Dental for the Benelux region.

Commenting on the launch of RemoteView and the CarieScan Caries Monitoring System, Graham Lay, Chief Executive Officer of 3D Diagnostic Imaging, said:

“RemoteView software completes the CarieScan Caries Monitoring System. This system is a really exciting development for dentists. It provides them with information in a form which they have never had before, enabling caries status data to be captured, stored and recalled onto the dentists’ PC enabling the long term monitoring of disease progression or regression. It provides the dentist with all the data needed to easily monitor the health of a patient’s teeth and make decisions that will help prevent the need for fillings in the future.”