Adaptive TCR Corporation Raises $5.8 Million in Series B Funding to Expand ImmunoSEQ Platform and Focus on Clinical Applications  
6/10/2011 6:57:03 AM

SEATTLE, June 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Adaptive TCR Corporation ( a leading provider of online solutions for large scale immune system profiling under the brand name immunoSEQ, announced today that it has completed its Series B investment round, raising $5.8 million from private investors, adding to its previous $4.5 million financing announced in March 2010.

"The infusion of new capital will enable Adaptive to continue growth of the ImmunoSEQ profiling service and invest in clinical applications in the oncology, autoimmune, and vaccine fields," explained Chad Robins, CEO and President of Adaptive TCR Corporation.

Adaptive's commercial product, immunoSEQ, uses a proprietary breakthrough immune profiling assay to analyze T cells and B cells - critical components of the adaptive immune system's defense against disease - with greater depth and resolution than ever before. This allows researchers to characterize the complete immune repertoire of a patient or group of patients in search of immunologic biomarkers. The assay is coupled with a state-of-the-art cloud-computing infrastructure that simplifies the interpretation of mass quantities of data in a user-friendly interface, accessible through any standard web browser.

Since opening for business in March 2010, Adaptive has grown quickly, assembling an impressive roster of early adopters in the biomedical community and has gained rapid acceptance among academic institutions. It's currently signing up new customers at the rate of almost one per day.

The immunoSEQ platform is also beginning to penetrate the biotech and pharma communities who view the technology as a method, among other uses, to stratify patient populations in clinical trials. For example, companies can use the ImmunoSEQ assay in trials as a means to potentially identify or predict responders vs. non-responders to a therapeutic or vaccine, thereby reducing the risk of failure in clinical trials.

The immune profiling technology was invented by Adaptive TCR co-founders, Harlan Robins, Ph.D., and Chris Carlson, Ph.D. at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

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About Adaptive TCR Corporation and immunoSEQ

Adaptive TCR Corporation, headquartered in Seattle, WA, is pioneering the field of genomic immunology. Adaptive develops, commercializes and supports online solutions for large-scale immune system profiling and is leveraging their technology for clinical applications in autoimmune diseases and cancer immunotherapeutics. Adaptive TCR's proprietary technologies were developed at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center by co-founders Harlan Robins, PhD and Chris Carlson, PhD. The technologies include a DNA amplification chemistry that can generate many millions of T and B cell receptor sequences from a single DNA sample, and a bioinformatics software suite designed specifically to manage the large amounts of data resulting from a typical assay. These technologies are marketed for life science research applications under the brand name immunoSEQ and immunoSEQ Analyzer. The company began commercial operations in 2009 under the leadership of Chad Robins, CEO.

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