HRA Pharma Welcomes the Launch of Norlevo(R) as the First Emergency Contraceptive Pill to Become Available in Japan  
5/25/2011 11:41:15 AM

Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France – May 24, 2011 – HRA Pharma has welcomed today’s launch of its oral emergency contraceptive NorLevo® (levonorgestrel 0.75mg tablets) in Japan by the biopharmaceutical company Sosei Co. Ltd, part of the Sosei Group Corporation (“Sosei”; TSE Mothers Index: 4565). It is the first emergency contraceptive to be launched in the country.

Sosei acquired the exclusive development and distribution rights to the product in Japan and Australia from Laboratoire HRA Pharma in April 2001. NorLevo® was first launched in Europe in 1999 and is currently approved in some 50 countries. In Japan, Sosei was granted approval for Norlevo® in February 2011. It will launch NorLevo® through the distribution network of its commercial partner, ASKA Pharmaceutical Co.

Erin Gainer, Chief Executive Officer of HRA Pharma, said: “This new launch follows on from other exciting announcements made in recent days regarding our growing presence in the Japanese market. We have a declared mission to ensure that women have as much access to progressive healthcare as possible and this new launch gives us the opportunity to help bring new and innovative healthcare options to the women of Japan.”

NorLevo® is an oral emergency contraceptive. It is based on synthetic progesterone (levonorgestrel) and works to prevent an unplanned pregnancy from occurring by inhibiting or delaying ovulation when taken as soon as possible and within 72 hours following unprotected sexual intercourse. The product does not contain oestrogen, is generally well tolerated and has a time-dependent efficacy.

Shinichi Tamura, Chief Executive Officer of Sosei Group Corporation, commented: “We are very pleased to be working with HRA Pharma to announce the launch of the first emergency contraceptive in Japan. We are proud that our first product has reached the market and that we can contribute to the health of Japanese women”.

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About Sosei

Sosei is an international biopharmaceutical company anchored in Japan with a global reach. It practises a reduced risk business model by acquiring compounds from, and bringing compounds into, Japan through exploitation of its unique position within global markets.

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