Dualsystems Biotech AG and Bulldog Bio, Inc. Ink Deal to Exclusive Partnership in the USA  
5/4/2011 9:42:54 AM

May 04, 2011 -- Dualsystems Biotech, a leading developer of protein-interaction discovery tools, and Bulldog Bio, a marketing-based US distributor, have agreed to a long-term relationship to sell Dualsystems’ extensive line of protein expression and analysis systems. The partnership will establish Bulldog Bio as the single source for all of Dualsystem’s products in the US.

“Dualsystems Biotech is the world leader in yeast two-hybrid screening with tools to analyze most classes of proteins in a living cell milieu. We are very excited to broaden the awareness and expand the use of their elegant systems for identifying de novo targets for proteins of interests. Their products allow effective screening of expressed cDNA libraries to detect specific interactors of nuclear, membrane and cytosolic proteins,” says Ella Fontaine, V.P. of Communications for Bulldog Bio. She further elaborates “We feel these technologies allow scientists and R&D teams to answer important, yet difficult questions in proteomics and cell function. It will be our job to communicate and support the many uses of these technologies.”

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