P2D Bioscience Announces Enhanced Patent Position for Lead ADHD Drug  
4/26/2011 11:47:41 AM

CINCINNATI and Mumbai, India – April 26, 2011 – P2D Bioscience (P2D, Inc.), a pharmaceutical development company, today announced that its lead compounds, PD2005 and PD2007, have received U.S. and Canadian patent protection for treating Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The patents contain ADHD-use claims for the entire family of P2D’s first-in-class dopamine transport inhibitors, including PD2005 and PD2007.

Initial studies indicate that P2D’s lead compounds are as effective as current first-line ADHD treatments in preclinical ADHD models. Additionally, preclinical studies indicate that P2D’s lead compounds demonstrate reduced side effects, the primary criticism of existing first-line treatments.

“Securing U.S. and Canadian use patent protection is a significant step forward in the development of our ADHD drugs, and it complements our exclusive license for the composition of matter patent for these compounds,” said Dr. Frank Zemlan, CEO of P2D. “We are focused on developing novel drug treatments that meet the needs of parents and children who are concerned about the side effects of today’s popular ADHD treatments. Early studies indicate that our lead compounds demonstrate similar efficacy as current ADHD first-line medications without the side effects. We believe that the combination of P2D’s improved patent position and preclinical studies demonstrating robust efficacy and limited side effects places us in a strong position to develop a novel safe and effective ADHD treatment.”

In addition to U.S. and Canadian patents, patent protection for P2D’s family of ADHD compounds is being prosecuted internationally.

About P2D Bioscience (P2D, Inc.)

P2D Bioscience is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for central nervous system and pulmonary diseases. P2D is developing first-in-class treatments for these disorders using novel proprietary chemical compounds. For example, its ADHD dopamine transporters are tropane analogs structurally different from current first-line ADHD drug treatments, amphetamine and methylphenidate. Additional information about P2D products in development may be found at