LabSmith, Inc. Expands Line of CapTiteT Products to Include New Connectors and Reservoirs for Better Fluid Circuit Integration and Prototyping  
4/26/2011 11:37:56 AM

LIVERMORE, CA (April 26, 2011) – LabSmith, Inc., developer of tools for science, has expanded its CapTite™ line of products for microfluidic and nanofluidic experimentation. CapTite™ products enable fast, simple construction of microfluidic circuits. The CapTite product line includes valves, syringe pumps, multiport interconnects, cartridges, breadboards, bonded port connectors and other fittings to connect a variety of tubing sizes and materials. New products include:

- Y Interconnects for mating three 360 micron O.D. capillaries or 1/32 inch tubing without right angles.

- Needle Interconnects for connecting 0.016 inch I.D. flexible tubing in low pressure applications. Interconnects for joining three or four tubes are available.

- Filter Holders, containing reusable membranes with porosity from 10 to 100 microns, for filtering particles that can clog chip channels or capillaries.

- Breadboard Reservoirs, which hold up to 1.1 milliliters and mount directly to any LabSmith breadboard. Each reservoir has a total of three CapTite interfaces (two in the body and one on the optional cap) to connect 360 micron O.D. capillary or 1/16 inch tubing.

Compact CapTite components are designed for leak-free connectivity, zero dead volume, low swept volume, easy cleaning, and long life over multiple runs. Some CapTite products are licensed from Sandia National Laboratories.

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