Lonza Inc. and ORGANOBALANCE Enter Global License Agreement to Develop and Market Unique Probiotic, Lactobacillus anti-H. pylori  
4/19/2011 9:20:05 AM

Basel, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany, 19 April 2011 – Lonza and ORGANOBALANCE today announced the signing of a worldwide exclusive license agreement in which Lonza will develop, produce and commercialize products containing a probiotic Lactobacillus strain. Developed by ORGANOBALANCE GmbH, the probiotic strain acts against Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). Research shows that H. pylori has been implicated as a common cause of peptic ulcers and gastritis.

Currently, about 50 percent of the global population is infected with H. pylori (Source: Czinn SJ. J Pediatr. 2005 Mar;146 (3 Suppl):S21-6.). However, this new probiotic strain demonstrates great potential in helping to maintain a balanced H. pylori concentration. Utilizing a unique patent- protected mode of action, Lactobacillus anti-H. pylori binds to H. pylori in the stomach, thus creating large aggregates, which are subsequently flushed out of the stomach and excreted.

“This agreement with ORGANOBALANCE creates a basis for Lonza to enter the probiotic market -a market with vast growth potential- with a unique ingredient,” said Roman Quinter, Senior Vice President and Head of Nutrition Ingredients business for Lonza. “Lonza is a global leader in the manufacturing of intermediates and API’s for the pharmaceutical industry through biotechnology and fermentation. Integrating the Lactobacillus anti-H. pylori strain into our nutrition ingredient portfolio provides an opportunity to leverage our strong biotech expertise and knowledge to provide a highly effective product to the nutrition landscape.“

Produced via a fermentation process, the Lactobacillus anti-H. pylori strain is patent-protected. The strain demonstrates probiotic activity by gently, yet highly effectively, removing H. pylori from the stomach.

“As the leader in the development of innovative probiotic strains, we regard this agreement with Lonza as a further recognition of ORGANOBALANCE’s strategy, our expertise, and our innovative capacity,” said Prof. Dr. Christine Lang, CEO of ORGANOBALANCE GmbH. “We highly appreciate Lonza’s dedication to lead our development into great success on the nutrition marketplace.”

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ORGANOBALANCE GmbH is a company specialising in strain development and microbiological screening, tapping the potential of beneficial microorganisms, known as specific probiotic cultures, in order to balance out the microflora and restore the microbial equilibrium in a natural way. In close cooperation with renowned industry partners, ORGANOBALANCE GmbH develops new biological products in the fields of pharmaceutics, preventive health care, nutrition and cosmetics. In its development activities the company draws on its own collection of more than 8000 microorganisms suitable for use in foodstuffs as well as its own OASSYS® screening systems. ORGANOBALANCE was founded in 2001 and is based in Berlin, Germany. More information can be found at

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