In Vitro Technologies Opens European Headquarters In Biosaxony 
10/19/2005 5:13:23 PM

LEIPZIG, Germany, October 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Saxony's state minister for Economics and Labor, Thomas Jurk, welcomes the arrival of In Vitro Technologies GmbH (IVT) into the Bio City Leipzig. "I wish IVT a successful start in Europe. The decision of the US concern to locate to Leipzig shows that we have successfully developed Saxony into an attractive location for biotechnology," said Jurk. IVT produces cell-based test systems used in pharmaceutical and chemical-biological research.

IVT is a wholly owned subsidiary of In Vitro Technologies, Inc. (IVT Inc), a leading company in the field of in vitro systems for drug discovery and development applications. IVT Inc.'s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Paul M. Silber, commented: "Europe is of strategic importance to IVT's growth plans and a physical presence in Europe is a direct response to our customers needs for quick access to our products. Biosaxony's support was crucial in selecting Leipzig for our operations." Mr. Lalit Gaur, Sr. Manager Business Development of IVT Inc., further added: "The Bio City Leipzig offers us everything we need for a successful start in Europe: a cluster of internationally renowned researchers for potential collaborations, availability of trained and skilled technical staff, and optimal conditions. We need fast logistic access to our European markets for our time-critical products. With DHL, we can ship and deliver our products from Leipzig within 24 hours."

Dr. Hinnerk Boriss, European Manager for IVT, praised the support he received from the biosaxony team: "They arranged contacts to research scientists, accompanied the foundation of the German Company, and opened the doors to the most important contacts concerned with founding the company within the shortest period of time. The biosaxony Start-Up package facilitated a smooth transition from entry to establishment of business in Europe."

IVT Inc. was founded in 1990 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and currently employs over 70 people. IVT is a recognized leader in the development, production, sale and trade of in vitro testing products and services for studying chemical-biological interactions in vitro. One of its key products, Hepatocytes (liver cells), for example, is used in the early determination of clinical parameters (metabolism, drug-drug interactions) and toxicology profile for new drug candidates by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industriesy. This is an essential step in testing new drug candidates. IVT produces cryogenically-preserved, in vitro cell products from human and animal hepatocytesspecies. The use of Tthese systems provides another alternative for animal testing and helps reduce the need for testing in animals. Contact: Mr. Lalit Gaur In Vitro Technologies, Inc. 1450 S. Rolling Road Baltimore, MD 21227 Phone: +1-410-455-1242 Email: Dr. Hinnerk Boriss In Vitro Technologies GmbH Deutscher Platz 5 c 04103 Leipzig Phone: +49-341-492-71-555 Email:


CONTACT: Mr. Lalit Gaur, In Vitro Technologies, Inc. 1450 S. Rolling Road,Baltimore, MD 21227, Phone: +1-410-455-1242, Email: Hinnerk Boriss, In Vitro Technologies GmbH, Deutscher Platz 5 c, 04103Leipzig, Phone: +49-341-492-71-555, Email: