CMC Contrast AB Release: Swedish Contrast Media Company Starts Clinical Phase III Studies With New Agent For MR Imaging Of The Liver 
10/19/2005 5:13:18 PM

LUND, Sweden, October 6 /PRNewswire/ -- CMC Contrast AB Starts Clinical Phase III Studies on New Promising Contrast Medium for Scanning of Liver Tumours by Means of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The Clinical Phase I and Phase II Studies Have Given Excellent Results

CMC Contrast AB started the development in 2000 based on a patent held by inventor professor Henrik S. Thomsen at Department of Radiology, Herlev University Hospital outside Copenhagen.

The contrast medium (CMC 001) is administered orally, which means that the patient drinks the substance. The properties of the contrast medium make it perfect for screening of liver tumours/metastases and for imaging of the biliary tract.

It could also be suitable for lever function studies by following the metabolism and excretion of manganese in the liver cells.

- CMC 001 gives several advantages like better images, higher safety, lower costs and less inconvenience for the patient, says professor Thomsen. The safety aspect is obvious, you have to be careful when injecting substances containing for example manganese as it may affect your heart if the concentration becomes to high, which is not an issue when you drink it like with CMC 001".

Tumours/metastases in the liver are a very common diagnosis in the field of tumour deceases, and most cancer patients undergo liver investigations to find possible metastases. Also after treatment, in the period of follow up, several liver investigations will be performed. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is today the best way to do liver diagnosis, but there is need for a safe and easy to use contrast medium.

The two clinical studies carried out so far has been very successful - The phase I study was performed at Gentofte hospital outside Copenhagen and the Phase II study at the university hospital in Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

These studies have in every way verified the expectations of better images, higher safety, lower costs and less inconvenience for the patient. The first Phase III study will be started at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge in the beginning of October this year. Clinical Phase III studies are the last part of the development before registration of the product.

Lars Vedin MD, specialist in diagnostic imaging and former vice president for the Nordic countries of the global contrast media player Nycomed is CEO of CMC Contrast AB.

- The business model that we have applied in combination with active venture capitalists, as well as access to their international networks, has made it possible to find and to work with the very best professionals to solve every task. This is some of the reasons behind the successful development of this promising drug," says Lars Vedin.

CMC 001 is intended for the international contrast media market. In order to launch CMC 001 effectively on this global arena, then CMC CONTRAST will establish cooperation with one or a couple of international pharmaceutical Companies.

The potential of this product is very much connected to the increase of the number of MRI devices in the world. The scanning capacity is expected to show double digit growth rates in the years to come.

CMC Contrast AB

CMC Contrast AB was founded in 2000 by the inventor Professor Henrik Thomsen together with venture capital companies Oresund Healthcare Capital and Malmohus Invest AB. Professor Thomsen is head of the Radiological Department at Herlev University Hospital in Denmark

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