Immunetrics, Inc. And Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) To Apply In Silico Modeling Technology To Trial Design 
10/19/2005 5:09:14 PM

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Immunetrics Inc. said it entered into an agreement under which it will collaborate with Eli Lilly & Co. in the application of in silico modeling technology to clinical trial design.

The specific application, which was not disclosed, involves the adaptation of existing Immunetrics models of inflammation for the identification of novel biomarkers and the development of design parameters for relevant human studies.

"We're thrilled to apply this technology to a specific development project at Lilly," said Steven Chang, CEO of Pittsburgh-based Immunetrics. "Our ability to simulate a complex clinical question will be augmented by the extensive clinical and biochemical data repositories available from Lilly."

The collaboration represents an additional demonstration of interest by the pharmaceutical industry in using modeling approaches to supplement statistical analysis in study design. Critical Care Medicine has previously called in silico modeling "a method coming of age," enabling investigators to optimize trial design outcomes by modeling an extremely large number of possible trials involving a large number of variables.

Immunetrics has demonstrated the utility of dynamical models in experimental design of a number of complex clinical settings, including trauma, hemorrhage, shock, sepsis, coronary artery bypass and acute respiratory distress syndrome. The company is also developing models of use in cancer immunology and in the prediction of adverse drug reactions in chronic inflammation.

About Immunetrics Inc.

Immunetrics is a Pittsburgh-based biosimulation company providing a platform to model complex biological systems. Immunetrics possesses the first known comprehensive model of the acute inflammatory response, which is now enhanced with key elements of the adaptive immune system and coagulation cascade. With this model, Immunetrics can help drug companies prioritize and design preclinical and clinical programs for new therapies. Immunetrics was founded by LaunchCyte LLC and has been funded by Innovation Works, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the University of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, and individual investors.

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