US Oncology, Inc. Research First-in-Man Trials Expand to Dayton, Ohio  
2/3/2011 8:10:49 AM

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Feb. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- US Oncology, Inc., a division of McKesson Corp. and a leading integrated oncology company, announced today that Robert Raju, MD, FACP has brought US Oncology Research to Kettering Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. The new program, built from the ground up, expands the US Oncology Research Translational Oncology Program (TOP) which conducts trials for patients with advanced cancer. This center will also include first-in-man trials, which can lead to exciting breakthroughs in cancer research. US Oncology Research is a unique program enabling independent community-based oncologists to run cutting edge trials through one of the nation's largest community-based cancer research networks so that patients can have access to the latest cancer therapies in their own hometown. To date, physicians participating in the US Oncology Research Network have contributed to the development of 43 drugs approved by the FDA.


"We look forward to resuming our Phase I clinical trials at Kettering Medical Center in association with the Kettering Health Network's Innovation Center, which is dedicated to testing new technologies," said Dr. Raju, medical oncologist, Kettering Medical Center and US Oncology Research. "This unique research program will provide patients and physicians in our community access to advanced clinical trials that are not otherwise available locally. This program is a tribute to the courageous patients who participated in our prior clinical trials, so we could learn and improve cancer care for the future."

TOP is run by a select group of physicians who participate in Phase I research studies with US Oncology Research. Phase I trials are the beginning of clinical trial work testing ideas and theories that could go on to save lives or improve the quality of life for patients. These innovative Phase I trials, including many first-in-man trials, will test new cancer therapies to provide novel therapeutic modalities for treatment and support to patients as early as possible. They often include the capability to examine the pharmacokinetic aspects of the investigational agent as well as the pharmacogenetic variations among different patient populations to predict response. Elements of a Phase I trial help investigators understand how a drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized and eliminated in the body so that toxicity can be closely monitored. This information is used to help bring the trial into Phase II, the next step in proving a new therapy's value in cancer care.

As a founding member of US Oncology TOP and a physician who has enrolled more than 50 patients to US Oncology TOP trials, Dr. Raju is looking forward to bringing cutting-edge therapies to patients in their own community. Investigators affiliated with the US Oncology Research Network are independent community-based oncologists who bring their past academic research experience to local communities across the country. The network includes thought leaders in specific tumor types including rare cancers such as pancreatic, bladder and other genitourinary tumors.

US Oncology Research Fact Sheet:

US Oncology Research is physician-led and physician-driven with a successful history of clinical depth and expertise.

Since its inception in 1992, more than 47,000 patients have participated in more than 1,100 trials through the US Oncology Research Network.

  • More than 1,000 have been enrolled in Phase I trials.
  • In less than two decades, US Oncology Research has played a role in the development of 43 cancer therapies approved by the FDA.
  • The US Oncology Research Network includes more than 90 practices in 200 locations across the U.S.
  • The network supports 14 sites that offer Phase I trials, including first-in-man trials.
  • At any given time, the network has more than 90 open clinical trials and more than 200 active trials.
  • Leadership at US Oncology Research consists of experts in a wide variety of cancer specialties including breast cancer, developmental therapeutics, gastrointestinal cancer, hematologic cancer, gynecologic cancer, genitourinary cancer, lung cancer, and radiation therapy.
  • 66 manuscripts from investigator-initiated studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • US Oncology Research supports one of the nation's largest research networks specializing in both investigator- and sponsor-initiated Phase I-IV oncology clinical trials.
  • Trials bring innovative therapies to patients in local communities across the nation.
  • To find a clinical trial or to join the US Oncology Research Network or the United Network of US Oncology, visit the US Oncology website.

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US Oncology, Inc., a division of McKesson Corp., is a leading integrated oncology company. By uniting one of the largest community-based cancer treatment and research networks in America, US Oncology expands patient access to high-quality care and advances the science of cancer care. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, US Oncology is affiliated with 1,400 community-based oncologists, and works with patients, hospitals, payers, and the medical industry across all phases of the cancer research and delivery continuum. By promoting the use of innovative technology, clinical research, evidence-based medicine and shared best practices, US Oncology improves patient outcomes and offers a better patient experience. For more information, visit

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US Oncology conducts clinical research through US Oncology Research, its wholly-owned subsidiary uniting one of the nation's largest community-based cancer research networks. US Oncology Research has experienced investigators and dedicated research nurses who specialize in Phase I through Phase IV oncology clinical trials. US Oncology Research serves more than 90 sites in 200 locations managing more than 200 active trials at any given time. The research network has enrolled nearly 47,000 patients in more than 1,100 trials since inception in 1992 and has contributed to the development of 43 cancer therapies approved by the FDA. For more information call (866) 216-5053 or visit

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Kettering Medical Center is the flagship facility of the Kettering Health Network (KHN), one of only four non-profit health systems in the country ranked in the nation's "Top Ten Health Systems" by Thomson Reuters® for two consecutive years 2009 and 2010.

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