MiraiBio, Inc. (Formerly Hitachi Genetic Systems) And Redasoft Form Product Alliance 
10/19/2005 5:09:06 PM

BOSTON, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- At the IBC Drug Discovery Technology Conference, MiraiBio, a division of Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. (HISAL) and Redasoft Corporation today announced a product alliance between the two companies for the integration and co-development of their respective bioinformatics products -- DNASIS(R) MAX and Visual Cloning -- for the life science industry.

MiraiBio's DNASIS MAX is a robust sequence analysis software package that delivers industry standard functionality, including molecular biology tools, multiple consensus calling methods, and rapid BLAST searches, as well as unique features that enhance common task performance and allow user-defined product customization. Redasoft's Visual Cloning software accelerates drug discovery by helping life scientists easily access and analyze genetic sequences, visually design and simulate molecular cloning experiments, and quickly create professional quality genetic maps for presentation and publication. Visual Cloning features an advanced editing environment, sophisticated graphics, integration with several existing online bioinformatics tools and databases, and access to Redasoft's Cloning Vector Search Engine.

This product alliance will provide MiraiBio and Redasoft customers with extended product capability and a more robust desktop bioinformatics environment. Upgraded versions of each product will be released to accommodate this integration and will be provided free of charge to existing customers. These product upgrades -- DNASIS MAX version 2.6 and Visual Cloning version 3.2 -- will be available this month.

"In this product partnership, both MiraiBio and Redasoft will be able to use core competencies and individual expertise to deliver a more sophisticated and powerful bioinformatics tool to researchers all over the world," commented Masakazu Kuji, Chief Operating Officer of HISAL. "DNASIS MAX and Visual Cloning provide an ideal alignment of product capabilities. Both our customer bases will be able to access additional functionality that can only enhance their research."

"DNASIS Max and Visual Cloning complement each other very well," continued Daniel Reda, Chief Executive Officer of Redasoft, "With so many incompatible analytical software packages on the market, we are pleased to offer both Redasoft and MiraiBio customers the ability to easily exchange data between our products. We expect research laboratories that choose to use DNASIS Max and Visual Cloning together to benefit significantly from a powerful and comprehensive bioinformatics platform."

Both companies anticipate extended product and business collaboration in the future.

About Redasoft Corporation

Redasoft, the Molecular Cloning Software Company, develops intuitive software that helps life scientists visually analyze genetic data and design molecular cloning experiments more quickly and with fewer errors. 400 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and government research organizations in 34 countries use Redasoft software to help develop new disease treatments, increase agricultural yields, improve bio-industrial processes and in a wide variety of other research applications. For further information about Redasoft and Redasoft Visual Cloning software, please visit

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MiraiBio, a division of Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. (HISAL), brings a wealth of experience and dedication to scientific research and the application of instrumentation and software technology to discovery. Providing innovatively integrated system solutions, MiraiBio enables Genomic and Proteomic research in drug discovery, basic research, and forensics. Closely working with life science researchers and technicians, the company's core mission is to deliver solutions that do far more than follow technology trends; that put tomorrow's research tools into the laboratory today. More information about MiraiBio and their products can be found at the company's web site at

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Hitachi Software Engineering America Ltd. (HISAL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Software Engineering Co. Ltd., one of Japan's premier software and professional service companies. Founded in 1970, Hitachi Software Engineering is a global supplier of solutions-oriented IT products and services, employing over 8,000 people worldwide and enhancing customer businesses through value-added professional services, consulting and support. HISAL was established in 1991 and maintains headquarters in San Francisco and offices in New York and Los Angeles. More information about Hitachi Software Engineering America can be found at the company's web site at

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