Chronogen Inc. And Inpharzam Ricerche Enter Agreement To Screen Innovative Drug Candidates 
10/19/2005 5:09:24 PM

MONTREAL, Canada and TAVERNE, Switzerland, July 1 /PRNewswire/ - Chronogen Inc. (Montreal, Canada), a drug discovery company developing novel therapeutics to treat age-related diseases and Inpharzam Ricerche (Taverne, Switzerland), subsidiary of the international chemicals and pharmaceutical company, Zambon Group S.p.A, jointly announced today that they have entered into an R&D collaboration agreement with the aim of identifying small molecules for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases induced by oxidative damage and/or lipids disorders.

Under this agreement, Chronogen Inc. will screen the library of Inpharzam Ricerche using its proprietary, phenotype based, in vivo screening assays (nematode C. elegans mutants). C.elegans is a unique in vivo model to screen, in a rapid, efficient and cost-effective manner, drugs that modulate reactive oxygen species (ROS) production or drugs that regulate lipids and lipoprotein levels. Using this unique high throughput screening method, more than 35,000 original medicinal chemistry compounds and combinatorial chemistry molecules will be tested.

"This collaboration with Inpharzam Ricerche will allow to rapidly complete our existing panel of identified drug candidates to treat major age- related diseases such as vascular complications of diabetes, ischemia/reperfusion injury, dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis", said Max Fehlmann, Chronogen's C.E.O. "These include ROS modulators, a new class of antioxidants, as well as new non statin hypolipidemic drugs".

Carlo Di Padova, Zambon Group's R&D Director explains: "screening our original library with this unique in vivo screening approach and bringing our extensive experience in drug optimization of our DOiT Research Centre located in Taverne, Switzerland, will contribute to efficiently discover and develop new drugs to treat metabolic and cardiovascular diseases".

About Chronogen Inc.

Chronogen Inc., a privately-held drug discovery company, is a leader in the identification of drug targets that control metabolic pathways underlying age-related diseases. Chronogen has developed unique rapid and reliable in vivo assays aimed at the identification of small molecules affecting cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The mission of Chronogen is to design and develop innovative small-molecule drugs to decrease the production of Reactive Oxygen Species in oxidative stress related diseases including Vascular complications of diabetes and reperfusion injury as well as Low Density Lipoproteins in dyslipidemia.

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About Inpharzam Ricerche

Inpharzam Ricerche is the research center of Zambon Group, a leading pharmaceutical and chemical multinational with a reputation for inventive and innovative thinking, flexibility and customer focus. Operating directly on three continents - Europe, South America and Asia - with over 2,300 employees in 16 countries and consolidated sales in the region of (euro) 434m, Zambon is a multicultural Group with close links to its local markets and the international research community alike. These strengths, combined with diversified research, product and distribution channel strategies, ensure that the Zambon Group consistently outperforms its competitors and the market. More information on Inpharzam Ricerche and Zambon Group S.p.A. can be found on: and


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