Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. Release: NEW Quick-Processing Humidity Test Chamber  
12/8/2010 10:04:20 AM

December 8, 2010 -- Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. announces the release of their latest offering to the Life Sciences, University, and Clinical Research labs with the HC6 Environmental Humidity Chamber ( for multiple industrial and biotechnology testing applications.

The New HC6 floor model incorporates an air-jacket design that evenly disperses air within the walls to maintain uniformity and ensure proper insulation. The expert design replicates natural conditions to determine potential limitations a sample would experience when exposed to various temperature and moisture fluctuations.

The HC6 environmental chamber also offers a wide temperature and humidity range that allows users to process samples in minutes, as opposed to days in some conventional models, making life easier for lab professionals. Specifically, the HC6 is ideal for running the common 80ÂșC and 80% humidity test, continuing Shel lab's concentration on the current demands and trends within the industry.

Some of the other important features of the HC6 include microprocessor based PID controllers, a stainless steel chamber, a steam generator that adds heat while humidifying, dual display of temperature and humidity which allows instant access to set point and operating conditions, and a digital countdown timer that displays the time remaining in a test procedure. Sheldon Manufacturing has been heavily focusing on new product development this year with the release of three major additions to their already extensive line of equipment for industrial, clinical, and laboratory applications( ). The latest HC6 Environmental Chamber (also called Humidity Cabinet) rounds out the list of new equipment from the OEM for 2010; a list that also includes the popular BacBASIC Anaerobic Workstation ( ) and SI2 Mini Shaking Incubator( ).

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Over the past 40 years Sheldon has worked with industry leaders to design solutions for production and research needs across the entire constant temperature/environment spectrum. Over that time our reputation has grown as an innovator of dependable and reliable equipment, designed for demanding environments. Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1970 with the goal of being a worldwide leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment and has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research and production markets ever since.

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