LungRx Inc., (UTHR) An Emerging Biotech Now Has The Capabilities Of Large Pharma, Without The Costly Infrastructure And Employees Usually Needed 
10/19/2005 5:08:55 PM

SILVER SPRING, Md., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Lung Rx, Inc. has launched an important global trial that will take full advantage of a complete trial management system, and fully integrated data capture and clinical data management. Lung Rx launched this trial faster and at less cost than equivalent trials run on paper - and most importantly without the need to manage the CRO with costly internal resources.

This Phase II/III, double blind, placebo-controlled study will evaluate the new Lung Rx product for pulmonary hypertension. "With Numoda as our CRO, we launched this trial on time, after a very short start-up period," said Ted Staub, Senior Director of Clinical Development for Lung Rx, a subsidiary of United Therapeutics. "Most importantly Numoda enables us to proactively manage the trial with minimal internal resources and we have access to ALL the relevant trial information, live, 24x7. At last I have found an integrated suite that is adaptable to my resources and answers the data management dilemma I had experienced for years. That is something that I did not have when I was with a major pharma with a $300MM clinical research budget."

"Numoda enabled us to afford these capabilities, leverage my own staff, and were flexible enough so that I did not need to outsource the whole trial," said Stephanie Luque, Clinical Trial Manager. She added, "We have received excellent feedback from the investigators and their site staff. We made their lives easier and we made it painless to participate in the trial. Moreover, Numoda has the flexibility to make any mid-course corrections for the trial in a fraction of the time otherwise possible."

Rohini Verma, Project Manager for Europe, said, "Here in Europe, I am as up to date as Ted and Stephanie, on a real time basis, as to how all aspects of the trial are progressing - this provides us with so much more control and access." Ann Boris, Head of Clinical for Numoda added: "Numoda provides a complete trial infrastructure, without the usual investment in time and money. Now smaller pharma and biotechs can have an integrated eSuite of clinical trial tools for data management, trial and site management, safety monitoring, and workflow capabilities. We produce better quality trials, faster, without needing to expand their budgets or add additional resources to manage their CRO partner. At any time of the day or night they know exactly what is being done for their trial, and that it is done right."

About Numoda Corporation

Numoda is a global life sciences products and services company with several important distinctions. Numoda enables all trial participants to interact in real-time with all the trial data, all in one place, from anywhere, throughout the trial - making everyone more productive. The result is improved trial speed, data quality and cost savings in Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials. These key results are produced by our important and unique advancements in data management, proactive project management, and the acquisition, integration and processing of data from all sources. Numoda is the first full-service clinical research organization (CRO) to design, implement, and consolidate ALL clinical trials data and trial information, in real time - and Numoda tools can be used by the client's own team. Numoda delivers speed and efficiency, from protocol development through final study report, while providing sponsors with visibility into each study that is simply not possible elsewhere. These claims have been substantiated in successful global trials over many years.

About Lung Rx, Inc.

Lung Rx has developed a form of treprostinil that can be delivered directly to the lung. Lung Rx is currently in Phase II/III clinical trial to investigate the Efficacy and Safety of Inhaled Treprostinil Sodium in Patients with Severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

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