BioSystem Development and BAC B.V. Collaborate to Bring Industry-Leading Purification Ligands to High Throughput Biotherapeutic Process Development  
11/3/2010 2:35:12 PM

Madison, WI (USA) and Naarden, The Netherlands – BioSystem Development, creators of AssayMAP® high-throughput micro-chromatography technology and BAC BV, the leading provider of antibody-based affinity purification technology, announce a collaboration to bring state-of-the-art high affinity ligands to the AssayMAP high-throughput micro-chromatography platform. This collaboration marks an essential objective toward growing a family of high-throughput tools for micro-scale purification and quantification of monoclonal antibodies.

The aim of the collaboration is to develop new tools and innovative solutions to purify and precisely quantify biotherapeutic antibodies in complex samples (such as cell culture supernatant and serum), a critical step in the manufacture of new biotherapeutics. BAC will contribute their proprietary CaptureSelect® Antibody Toolbox affinity ligands, based on Camelid single-chain antibody fragments. The unique properties of these ligands, such as high selectivity and distinctive binding characteristics, provide increased flexibility in the purification process of any antibody format. BAC CEO, Dr. Laurens Sierkstra comments, “By combining BAC’s solutions for antibody purification with the AssayMAP high-throughput chromatography platform we enable researchers to optimize production and purification processes for their lead molecules early in the development process.”

BioSystem Development contributes the AssayMAP micro-chromatography platform, a patented cartridge separation system bridging complex chemistries with high-throughput, high-precision environments. BSD’s Founder and CEO Scott Fulton stated, “This collaboration provides a scalable format with the CaptureSelect purification technology. We are starting with the CaptureSelect Fab kappa and Human Fc ligands to enable parallel, high-throughput purification and analysis of antibodies and fusions from any source, bringing this technology to bioprocess research and development.”

About BioSystem Development

BioSystem Development, established in 2002, creates, manufactures and markets tools and products to meet the critical and growing analytical needs of biopharmaceutical development. The company’s patented AssayMAP platform, based on disposable micro-chromatography cartridges and automation, enables high-throughput solutions for bioprocess development, biomarkers and general life science research that reduce development time and increase efficiency. For more information about AssayMAP technology, visit AssayMAP® is patented technology and registered trademark of BioSystem Development.

About BAC BV

BAC BV offers a wide range of products and services for affinity purification of biological materials from complex media. The Company’s proprietary CaptureSelect® affinity ligands, based on Camelid single chain antibody fragments, have been proven to be suitable in a wide range of biological applications including Life Science Research and Biomanufacturing. BAC’s CaptureSelect ligands are available through the Company’s custom design service, or as off-the-shelf bioprocess products through commercial partners. CaptureSelect ligands for research applications are available direct from BAC through the Company’s web shop. CaptureSelect® ligand technology is based on selection of single chain antibody fragments with desirable chromatographic characteristics including robustness, high specificity and flexibility. Suitable ligands are cloned and expressed in high-titres through an animal-free Saccharomyces cerevisiae-based process. BAC BV was established in 1995 as a Unilever subsidiary. Currently the Company employs 37 people with an R&D laboratory facility in Leiden and a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant in Naarden, the Netherlands. For more information about BAC, visit our website at For more information about CaptureSelect® products, visit our website at

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