Companion Technologies And InstantDx Release Exclusive Integrated e-Prescribing Module 
10/19/2005 5:10:23 PM

COLUMBIA, S.C. and GAITHERSBURG, Md., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Companion Technologies and InstantDx today announced an initiative designed to disseminate the next generation of electronic prescribing services (e-prescribing) to physician practices nationwide.

Companion Technologies, makers of the physician practice management and electronic medical records systems Companion PM and Companion EMR, and InstantDx, developers of the e-prescribing system OnCallData, have joined forces to give healthcare providers an e-prescribing system, the OnCallData Module integrated directly into Companion PM.

Though e-prescribing has been shown to significantly reduce healthcare costs by decreasing errors and problems with drug interactions, integrated systems remain key to successful e-prescribing adoption in physician practices. Because "stand-alone" systems don't interface with physician practices' administrative or electronic medical record software, they typically result in a disruption to physician workflow.

Additionally, interfacing stand-alone e-prescribing systems to administrative systems can be difficult, time consuming and prohibitively expensive. With the OnCallData Module, healthcare providers get an e- prescribing system directly interfaced to their practice management system. This creates a link between the patients' demographic data and clinical information, which is critical to successful e-prescribing.

"A real-time interface between the physician's practice management system and the e-prescribing system is an essential, yet all-too-often missing ingredient necessary to accelerating the adoption of e-prescribing," said Dr. Allan M. Weinstein, Chairman and CEO of InstantDx. "Companion Technologies' clients will now have access to an all-in-one e-prescribing system that helps physicians and their staffs enhance patient safety while realizing time and cost-saving benefits."

OnCallData also differs from other e-prescribing systems in that it allows for real-time e-prescribing, rather than "batching." With real-time e- prescribing, physicians can check drug interactions, patient eligibility and even formularies right at the point of care. The greatest advantage of real- time e-prescribing comes from the time savings it offers busy doctors.

"I see e-prescribing as being a critical component to the future of healthcare," said Craig Klein, Companion Technologies' vice president of practice management systems. "Our initiative with InstantDx gives our Companion PM clients a strong prescribing option thanks to how tightly the two products integrate as well as the ability to merge e-prescribing directly into their work flow."

InstantDx, L.L.C., located in Gaithersburg, MD, is an affiliate of Immunomatrix, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on rapid diagnostic testing. For more information, go to .

Based in Columbia, SC, Companion Technologies ( ) provides hospitals and physician organizations with financial, clinical, operational and managed care information management services, from practice management systems, electronic medical records and electronic data interchange, to hardware and network services.

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