Tobii Technology AB Announces Eye-Tracking Software Development Kit Now Available Free, Establishes Online Portal to Help Scientists Gain Access to Free Custom Apps and Knowledge Sharing  
10/26/2010 12:38:42 PM

Stockholm & Washington, Oct. 26, 2010 – Tobii Technology, the global market leader in eye tracking, has launched Tobii Application Market, an online marketplace portal through which scientists, researchers, students and anyone interested in eye-tracking technology can gain free access to the Tobii Software Development Kit and share ideas, information and custom software applications to help advance scientific research.

“We’re extremely excited to be launching this new international online marketplace for eye-tracking ideas and software development sharing,” said Tom Englund, executive vice president of Analysis Solutions, Tobii Technology AB. “We’re constantly impressed by the ingenuity that researchers all over the world have demonstrated by creating custom applications that enhance or extend our products and complement our software. Now our goal is to allow these tools and other information and ideas about eye-tracking technology to be shared more widely, so even further advancements can be achieved in the scientific and research communities globally.”

Through the Tobii Application Market portal, available at, individuals can now do the following:

• Access information about and downloads of software applications that have been developed by Tobii customers for use with its eye trackers and tested by Tobii.

• Download free versions of the Tobii Software Development Kit, which provides a comprehensive toolbox for the development of software applications used for retrieving and controlling data from Tobii Eye Trackers.

• Search a library of more than 500 free eye-tracking research papers and scientific articles.

• Share knowledge in the discussion forum.

The Tobii Application Market allows researchers to easily discover details on each eye-tracking application, such as the system requirements for use, costs to download if applicable and where support is available for troubleshooting. The majority of custom applications are available for free. Registration is free and required to access materials within the site. Current customers can also use the site to get troubleshooting advice from Tobii’s technology team.

“Our hope is that this new Tobii Application Market will create a forum for application and idea sharing among researchers and scientists around the world who have used available tools for presenting stimuli and for integrating multiple types of hardware with Tobii Eye Trackers,” said Barbara Barclay, general manager of Tobii North America. “We encourage scientists and researchers to visit it often to learn from others and share their creativity.”

Tobii Application Market site:

Free download of the Tobii Software Development Kit:

SDK forum:

An Introduction to Eye Tracking & Tobii Eye Trackers White Paper:

For sales in Europe, contact +46 8 663 69 90 or email For sales in the U.S., contact 1-888-898-6244 or email

About Tobii Technology

Tobii Technology is the global market leader in eye tracking and eye control. The company’s products are widely used for measuring visibility and attention within the scientific community and in commercial market research and usability studies, as well as by people with disabilities as a means to communicate. Tobii also drives integration of eye-tracking technology in many other areas, offering OEM components for integration into various industry applications. Founded in 2001, the company has received numerous awards for its technology innovations as well as its rapid financial growth. Tobii is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has offices in the U.S., Germany, Norway, Japan and China. For more information, please go to

Media contacts: In Europe: Louise Mapp/Danielle Mumford, Ascent PR (for Tobii AB) Phone: +44 0118 988 0501 Email:

In U.S.: Kristina Messner, Focused Image (for Tobii North America) Phone: +1-703-678-6023 Email:

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