Sequenom Inc. (SQNM) Launches Newly Developed Genotyping Assay For Its MassARRAY(R) Platform At Human Genome Organization, The (HUGO)'s 10th Human Genome Meeting 
10/19/2005 5:13:04 PM

SAN DIEGO, and KYOTO, Japan, April 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Clinical researchers and genetic scientists attending the Human Genome Organization's (HUGO) 10th Human Genome Meeting in Kyoto, Japan, are among the first to learn about the benefits of iPLEX, a new multiplexing application for the MassARRAY System, a leading technology for genetic analysis developed by SEQUENOM, Inc. . Also, during the HUGO conference, Charles Cantor, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at SEQUENOM will host a panel discussion titled "Trends in Whole Genome Studies" on Thursday, April 21, 2005.


A leading provider of SNP genotyping and other applications to the academic research market, SEQUENOM developed iPLEX as one of several key applications to expand its focus into the clinical research market. With a flexible and efficient assay design, iPLEX allows for high level multiplexing even with small or limited SNP sets, resulting in a significantly reduced cost per genotype. Leading prestigious genomic research sites are beta testing iPLEX and reporting significant results.

"The higher multiplex level of this new assay for low to moderate number of input SNPs increases the utility of the SEQUENOM platform and is very well suited for follow up work in the validation of genome scan results," stated Stacey Gabriel, PhD, Director of the Genetic Analysis Platform of the Broad Institute at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an iPLEX beta site. "The next logical step in generating clinical utility from genetic discoveries is their confirmation in larger patient sample sets. We believe that iPLEX can facilitate this process."

"Our beta sites demonstrate a high level of interest for our new multiplexing application," commented Mike Terry, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. "The MassARRAY System is a universal platform for genetic analysis and the iPLEX assay complements this system with a powerful, cost efficient genotyping solution. We believe we now offer the most cost competitive genotyping price for studies in the magnitude of 1,500 SNPs or less."

Featuring higher plexing levels and greater plexing yield, iPLEX offers multiple advances over the existing homogeneous MassEXTEND(R) (hME) reaction including:

   *  Successful routine multiplexing at the 24-plex level
   *  Significant cost reduction
   *  Improved call rates and accuracy at higher multiplex levels
   *  Increased throughput of up to 10,000 genotypes per chip

These improvements make iPLEX an optimal solution for a broad range of genotyping studies, including fine mapping and microarray data validation. In

addition, use of a single termination mix simplifies study logistics and reaction handling.

"While the academic research market is the main source of new genetic discoveries, the larger clinical research market further analyzes these genetic discoveries to evaluate the use of genes and genetic markers for molecular medicine and diagnostic applications," added Steve Zaniboni, acting Chief Executive Officer of SEQUENOM. "Considering the attributes of these markets, and the strengths of iPLEX and the MassARRAY system, we believe our MassARRAY technology can close the gap between the genetic discovery and the clinical research. This may accelerate the translation of genetic discovery into clinically relevant content to the benefit of the general population."

About MassARRAY

Researchers most likely to benefit from MassARRAY and its applications are those conducting genotyping and fine mapping studies, candidate gene studies, comparative sequencing and gene expression analysis in the molecular medicine market. MassARRAY also can support epigenetic analysis, the analysis of DNA methylation, and genetic trace analysis applications, the analysis of smallest amounts of genetic material in complex mixtures.


SEQUENOM is committed to providing the best genetic analysis products that translate genomic science into superior solutions for biomedical research, molecular medicine and agricultural applications. The Company's proprietary MassARRAY system is a high-performance DNA analysis platform that efficiently and precisely measures the amount of genetic target material and variations therein. The system is able to deliver reliable and specific data from complex biological samples and from genetic target material that is only available in trace amounts. For more information, please visit our website at

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