Enzymicals AG Acquires Proprietary Rights on Pig Liver Esterases (PLE) from Evonik Industries  
10/4/2010 11:14:52 AM

GREIFSWALD, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Enzymicals AG gained proprietary rights for the well-known recombinant pig liver esterases (PLE) from Evonik AG in Hanau. The intellectual property (IP) covers a range of PLE isoenzymes for hydrolysis of several compounds such as esters of secondary and tertiary alcohols, lactones and carboxylic acid esters. These isoenzymes show diverse properties, the most notable of which are significantly different enantioselectivities. By purchasing the IP, Enzymicals AG has now become the exclusive producer of these recombinant PLE isoenzymes, which will also be used in the synthesis of fine chemicals by Enzymicals. In addition, licenses for processes using PLE will be provided for collaborations with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.