Nanobac Life Sciences, Inc. Release: Prominent Research Studies Link Nanobacteria Infection To Urological Diseases 
10/19/2005 5:13:03 PM

TAMPA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 16, 2005--Nanobac Life Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB:NNBP) ("Nanobac" or "the Company") informs that researchers have described a relationship between Nanobacteria and urological disorders such as prostatitis, kidney stones, and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Until these studies, no single infection, viral or bacterial had been indicated that could have promoted these disease processes. Because of the debilitating nature of these urological diseases, and the Company's belief that Nanobacteria might play a key role in their development, Nanobac has focused its efforts on investigating the relationship between Nanobacteria and these diseases. This release is intended to summarize what has been determined thus far, and what remains to be done. A recent observational study of prostatitis patients, lead by Daniel A. Shoskes, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic Florida, demonstrated a significant improvement in the symptoms of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome for those patients who took 3 months of Nanobac's comET nanobiotic regimen, a patented therapeutic method comprised of a nutriceutical (Nanobac Oral Supplement, Nanobac Sciences, Tampa, FL), EDTA (Calcium Disodium EDTA Suppository (Nanobac Sciences, Tampa, FL) and tetracycline. The treated group of fifteen patients had prostatic stones and longstanding Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) symptoms unresponsive to multiple prior conventional therapies. The treatment is designed to eliminate stone forming Nanobacteria and the study found that 80% had a significant improvement in symptoms after 3 months. Two patients who had been on complete medical disability have returned to work.