Ardais Corporation And American Type Culture Collection To Deliver Scaleable Biospecimen Management Solution For Translational Medicine 
10/19/2005 5:12:51 PM

LEXINGTON, Mass., and MANASSAS, Va., Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Ardais(R) Corporation and American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) announced today the signing of a strategic partnership agreement. This partnership will combine Ardais' industry-leading biospecimen management expertise in logistics, information technology, and clinical data solutions with ATCC's expertise in biological materials handling. Together, the two companies are uniquely positioned to address escalating biospecimen management challenges which are faced by biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic institutions and are driven predominately by the research and clinical requirements of translational medicine.

"Ardais is delighted to partner with ATCC on this important endeavor. Translational medicine requires large-scale collection, management, and storage of clinically annotated biospecimens," said Donald B. Hawthorne, President and CEO of Ardais Corporation. "With its 80 years of biological materials handling expertise, ATCC has industrialized biospecimen storage, processing and distribution. As adoption of the Ardais System accelerates, there will be a greater need for solutions of the scope offered by ATCC."

Biospecimens are becoming vital for generating and correlating the clinical and molecular data necessary to develop targeted diagnostics, therapeutics, and preventatives. The Ardais System addresses the need for large-scale, systematized and standardized collection of biospecimens and associated donor- and sample-level clinical and molecular data. The System provides end-to-end support from donor enrollment and informed consent through sample collection, processing and storage, as well as collection of associated clinical data. It also provides real-time tracking of the chain-of-custody for every biospecimen.

"As the world's leading biological resource center, ATCC offers the scientific community a broad range of products and services for the advancement, validation, and application of scientific knowledge," said Frank Simione, VP Management and Compliance Services, ATCC. "Our partnership with Ardais will add value to our offerings in the form of a sophisticated logistics, information technology, and clinical data solution for biospecimen management."

About ATCC

Founded in 1925, ATCC is the world's premier biological resource center. Its mission is to acquire, authenticate, preserve, produce, develop and share biological materials for the advancement of scientific knowledge. ATCC provides these core services in government, industry, education, health care and research laboratories around the world.

About Ardais Corporation

Ardais Corporation addresses all the challenges of biospecimen management, allowing researchers to focus solely on the research discoveries and clinical developments that will advance translational medicine. As a pioneer in best practices for this field, Ardais has developed an end-to-end solution that permits academic and commercial scientists and clinicians to standardize and organize their biospecimen collection, archiving and access, thereby enhancing and accelerating research and clinical development.

The Ardais System, encompassing biological, informatics and engineering expertise, is a suite of software applications, operating procedures, proprietary supplies, and data standards that integrate clients' biorepository operations at one or multiple geographic sites. For more information, visit:

Contacts: Donald B. Hawthorne Chief Executive Officer Ardais Corporation 781-698-0100

Frank P. Simione, VP Management and Compliance Services ATCC 703-365-2704

Christine Mackenzie Feinstein Kean Healthcare 617-761-6737