Carna Biosciences Named Exclusive Global Distributor For CrystalGenomics X-Ray Crystallographic Products And Services 
10/19/2005 5:12:47 PM

KOBE, Japan, Feb. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Carna Biosciences, Inc. and CrystalGenomics, Inc. jointly announce the signing of a distribution agreement in which Carna Biosciences has acquired the sole and exclusive worldwide rights to sell the kinase crystallization-related products and services of CrystalGenomics.

Detailed structural analysis of disease target kinases, in the presence or absence of their putative therapeutic compounds, has become essential for the SBDD (structure-based drug design) processes now favored by many biopharmaceutical companies, particularly those investigating the modulation of known protein kinases. The 3-D structural information of kinases, crystallized alone or co-crystallized with such compounds, provides these pharmaceutical companies the ability to optimize their compounds rapidly, rationally, and efficiently using our crystallization-related products and services.

"With the addition of CrystalGenomics' X-ray structural and co-crystal structural determinations to our current products and services, Carna Biosciences takes a major step toward becoming a 'one stop shop' for kinase-related products and services," said Kohichiro Yoshino, President and CEO of Carna Biosciences. "With these value-added services, we can help our biopharmaceutical customers to significantly reduce the time and cost associated with new drug discovery and optimization processes."

"Alliance with Carna Biosciences is sure to quickly expand the awareness and sales of CrystalGenomics products and services by utilizing the global marketing and sales channels which Carna Biosciences has established," said Joong-Myung Cho, President and CEO, CrystalGenomics. "We have succeeded in crystallizing 8 protein kinases since the establishment of our collaboration last year. We are confident in our continuing ability to provide reliable products and services of the highest quality."

Since collaborative research on kinase inhibitors started on June 2004, Carna Biosciences and CrystalGenomics have deepened the cooperative relationship, on both technology and product development. To ensure the continuity of this relationship, company equities are crossly held.

About Carna Biosciences

Carna Biosciences, Inc. (, founded in April 2003, is a Japanese biotechnology company providing intercellular signaling-based drug discovery services to pharmaceutical companies, as well as conducting drug discovery programs with proprietary technologies in gene cloning, active kinase protein expression, protein purification and homogeneous assay development. The company provides products and services including assay development for high-throughput screening, kinase inhibitor profiling services, bulk protein kinases and crystallization related products and services.

About CrystalGenomics

CrystalGenomics, Inc. (, founded in July 2000, is a Korean biopharmaceutical company specializing in structure-based drug discovery. CrystalGenomics focuses on efficient and accurate determination of protein structure, and rapid generation and optimization of novel drug leads, enabling efficient and productive discovery of novel leads and drug development candidates.

CrystalGenomics has a broad pipeline in development for cancer, antibiotics, inflammation and QOL (quality of life) drugs such as anti-obesity and diabetics. One of the anti-obesity projects has recently proven effective in ob/ob mice by showing over 45% reduction of abdominal fat and subcutaneous fat. Programs in antibiotics, cancer and obesity are currently in preclinical evaluation.

CrystalGenomics' proprietary platform technology consists of three components, named SPS(TM) (Soluble Protein Solution), SCP(TM) (Structural Chemo Proteomics) and SDF(TM) (Structure-based Drug Factory) Technologies, each applied to structure determination of target proteins, lead generation and lead optimization, respectively. Through integration of the proprietary technologies, the drug discovery process at CrystalGenomics is rapid, efficient and productive.

Carna Biosciences, Inc.

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