Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc. Announces the Establishment of a Healthcare Products Sales Company in India  
8/10/2010 8:01:16 AM

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc. (Konica Minolta) today announced that it has established Konica Minolta Healthcare India Private Limited – a new sales and customer service company in Mumbai for expanding its healthcare products in Indian market.

In the healthcare field, where digital devices are rapidly increasing, Konica Minolta is providing diagnostic imaging systems featuring the high-definition digital X-ray image reader, so called CR or Computed Radiography, to the hospital and clinic market.

With the current penetration of digitization in the Indian market, healthcare field is expected to significantly grow in the coming years. Konica Minolta, thus established the new company to reinforce sales and customer service operations and respond to growing demand in digital diagnostic imaging systems in the Indian market.