BD Biosciences Clontech (BDX) Announces BD Taq Full DNA Polymerases Licensed And Validated Enzymes For PCR  
10/19/2005 5:12:41 PM

Our new BD™ Taq Full DNA Polymerases efficiently and conveniently amplify DNA from any template and are recommended for any general PCR amplification procedure. Taq Full DNA polymerase can generate the highest yields from any DNA template including rare ones from bacterial and plasmid DNA, cDNA, and complex genomic DNA. Its high efficiency and sensitivity allow you to use less enzyme and template in each reaction letting you get the most mileage from each PCR reaction. Taq Full DNA polymerase is also available with a hot start antibody (Taq Full Hot Start DNA polymerase), providing heightened performance and guaranteeing increased specificity and yield.