Cengent Therapeutics Signs Crystal Structure Determination Contract With Pierre Fabre 
10/19/2005 5:12:37 PM

San Diego, CA (USA), Boulogne (France) - January 24, 2005 Cengent Therapeutics, a structure-guided drug discovery company, has established a collaboration agreement with the Research Institute of Pierre Fabre, the second largest French pharmaceutical company to access to Cengent’s X-ray crystallography services to advance the company’s internal drug discovery efforts. In this collaboration, Cengent will provide Pierre Fabre Research Institute with X-ray crystallography services, enabling researchers to view high-resolution structures of a human target in Oncology. Information obtained from X-ray crystallography structure of the target assist Pierre Fabre Research Institute in further structure-based lead design and optimization, enhancing the company’s ability to develop drug candidates.