Endius, Inc. Continues To Lead The Way In $3.6 Billion Global Spinal Surgery Market 
10/19/2005 5:12:34 PM

PLAINVILLE, Mass., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Endius(R), Inc., a recognized leader in minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS) technology, has received additional patents for two revolutionary devices it developed and fine-tuned over the past four years.

The latest patents relate to Endius's design of its friction head feature for pedicle screws and unique features of its FlexPosure(R) Retractor. These products have already been cleared by the FDA and have earned wide acclaim for improving minimally-invasive spine surgery. They are used increasingly routinely by surgeons across the U.S. Now, Endius's formidable intellectual property portfolio includes 32 U.S. patents issued related to MIS spine technology, and over 75 additional patents pending worldwide.

Endius CEO Michael McCarthy said, "These patents help to further solidify and reinforce Endius's position as the leader in the MIS spine arena. We are committed to the development of innovative solutions to the surgical treatment of degenerative spine disease and will continue to invest in and expand our intellectual property portfolio. The market for our products is one of the fastest growing sectors of the orthopedics industry, in terms of both revenues and technological innovation."

In combination with compatible minimally invasive techniques and equipment, the new Endius products can help reduce the length and cost of hospital stays, and contribute to quicker recovery in some patients. Annual cost to treat back pain in the U.S. is about $24 billion. The annual cost to the economy is some $81 billion.

The two latest Endius patents relate to: * FRICTION HEAD FEATURE ON PEDICLE SCREW -- Eases surgical steps in MIS approach, even offering ease-of-use advantages for the surgeon in traditional open procedures. * FlexPosure RETRACTOR -- Expands inside patient to allow improved MIS surgical exposure. Enables a smaller incision and less tissue damage for the patient.

Both of these products are integral components of Endius's highly regarded Atavi(R) Atraumatic Spine Surgery System, developed by Endius to offer a less traumatic and potentially more effective treatment alternative to traditional spine surgery. The number of back surgeries is expected to grow as the population ages. Health industry experts believe the Atavi System shows significant potential in other surgical applications that could significantly increase its market potential. As patients demand better ways to treat spinal conditions, from fusion to motion preservation, surgeons seek improved access to and visibility of the target surgery anatomy while using less traumatic techniques.

About Endius

Founded in 1997, Endius, the leader of minimally invasive spine surgery, has developed breakthrough minimally invasive spine surgery products and implants to treat serious spine disease. Atavi(R), Endius' Atraumatic Spine Surgery System, which obtained FDA clearance of its 510(k) in October 2000, is currently being utilized in hospitals nationwide. Atavi is the only fully integrated system that enables surgeons to perform lumbar spine surgery minimally invasively, with one access portal, while preserving the fundamentals of the traditional open surgical technique. Endius provides comprehensive surgeon education programs at surgical training facilities across the U.S.

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