Bitplane Launch Imaris 7.1, The Best Gets Even Better  
7/15/2010 1:47:54 PM

Zurich 15 July 2010 – Bitplane, a world leading creator and supplier of 3D and 4D image processing, analysis and visualisation software, today announce the launch of their new Imaris 7.1 software. Imaris 7.1 brings significant enhancements to pivotal key features within the software. New capabilities include filament tracing with 4D spine and dendrite tracking, a track editor and statistical annotations for 4D objects. Building on the success of Imaris software to date, these new features will enhance the performance of existing Imaris systems.

Imaris 7.1 will provide users with even more advancements, making it the clear software choice for 3D and 4D visualisation and analysis. Imaris 7.1 is the first commercial software package that can track both spines and dendrites over time. It also allows users to edit tracks of spots, surfaces, cells and filament objects. Another key feature of the newest release is the ability to annotate objects with key statistical information using Imaris InPress.

Imaris is Bitplane’s core software platform and delivers industry leading functionality for visualisation and analysis of 3D and 4D microscopy data sets. Imaris has been successful as it continues to outperform competition on a higher degree of interaction, the ability to process very large image data sets, to segment and analyse cellular components within individual cells and to provide accurate measurements for cell biologists and neuro-scientists.

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Note to editors:

Bitplane is the world’s leading interactive microscopy image analysis software company and was founded in 1992. Through their constant innovation and a clear focus on 3D and 4D image visualisation and analysis, Bitplane actively shapes the way scientists process multi-dimensional microscopic images. Bitplane is a part of Andor Technology plc, a world leader in scientific imaging, spectroscopy solutions and microscopy systems.

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