Welcome to the Medical Device Space Samsung Corporation  
7/15/2010 7:00:36 AM

Stemming from what appears to have been a four year development effort, Samsung has entered the world of medical devices with a 19 panel blood testing gadget that seems to be smaller, quicker, and less expensive than current hospital-targeted offerings. The details are a bit hard to wade through as their press release is only available in Korean, but if Google's translation talent is up-to-snuff, they are claiming the price of the portable device is 1/10th of alternatives and can get the same data in 12 minutes versus 2-3 days (any Korean speaking readers to help confirm these statements?).

The device, called the IVD-A10A, marks the beginning of Samsung's $9.85 billion dollar target investment in health care by 2020. It is, as far as we can tell, only currently available in the Korean market. Step one for Samsung: Bring it to the US! It seems quite disruptive! Step two: Integrate one of these puppies into your new 3D TVs.

See what you can dig out from this snippet of their Google translated press release:

Samsung diabetic blood tester, cholesterol, heart, liver, kidney disease can be diagnosed 19 test items and future cancer, infectious diseases will expand the test item is, based on clinical chemistry tests to examine metabolites and cancer Immunoassay, infectious diseases at the same time to test to diagnose blood checker does not yet exist is expected to be recorded first in the world. (Clinical chemistry tests 12, 30, immunity within the inspection test) Samsung Electronics to develop the blood tester with 4 years SAIT HME (Healthcare and Medical Equipment) Division in partnership with over 300 original research and development commitment, and proprietary microfluidic, micro-valve control technology, a key source was applied.