Heska Corporation (HSKA) Announces Amended Agreement With AgriLabs, Ltd. 
10/19/2005 5:12:26 PM

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Heska Corporation today announced that an amendment to the current distribution agreement with Agri Laboratories, Ltd., or AgriLabs, has been signed. Under the amendment, currently outstanding prepayments from AgriLabs will be considered an upfront fee and the pricing on certain products has been increased. AgriLabs' minimums to maintain exclusivity on certain bovine vaccines have been significantly reduced and no longer increase annually, although the minimums are subject to adjustment in certain circumstances.


Under the amendment, AgriLabs will continue to enjoy access to these bovine vaccines in the United States, Africa, China, Mexico and Taiwan to December 2013. Subject to minimum purchase requirements, AgriLabs' rights in these regions will be exclusive at least to December 2009 and could remain exclusive up to December 2013 based on other contractual arrangements. Heska will be free to sell these bovine vaccines to any party of its choosing in other regions of the world. AgriLabs will also maintain non-exclusive rights to these bovine vaccines in Canada to December 2009.

In addition, two separate research and development agreements have been signed with AgriLabs. These agreements specified risk sharing provisions where AgriLabs has agreed to fund the initial research and development expenditures, but will be entitled to certain additional product rights and/or reimbursement of expenditures under certain circumstances. The research and development programs are intended to enhance the quality of the current line of bovine vaccines.

"We are pleased we have found a mutually agreeable solution to this matter," said Robert Grieve, Heska's Chairman and CEO. "AgriLabs has been an excellent customer of ours in the past and we are happy we will continue to benefit from their livestock market expertise in the future."

"We have long been impressed with these vaccines, which we sell under our label and tradenames Titanium(R) and MasterGuard(R)," said Steve Schram, AgriLabs' President and CEO. "We are hopeful that the research and development agreements we have signed will allow us to maintain the leadership position we have established in the marketplace with these vaccines."

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AgriLabs, Ltd. is the largest private label marketer of veterinary vaccines and pharmaceuticals in the United States. AgriLabs is proficient in sales, marketing and technology transfer of current and future compounds or antigens for both food and companion animal markets. The AgriLabs distribution network of distributor owners is the largest in the United States and has the ability to efficiently reach the livestock and consumer marketplace through various veterinary, direct and retail channels. For additional information on AgriLabs and its products or distributors, visit the company website at

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