Bio-Images Research Ltd. Develops the 'HS Capsule' for Site-Specific Drug Release  
5/7/2010 2:49:54 PM

Glasgow, U.K., 6th May 2010 – Bio-Images Research Ltd. has developed a novel capsule system for site-specific delivery of drugs.

The ‘Hydrophilic Sandwich’ (HS) capsule is a ‘capsule within a capsule’, with the formulation of interest in the inner capsule and a layer of gelling, erodible polymer located within the inter-capsule space. With judicious choice of the density of the polymer layer, the time taken for erosion of this layer, and subsequent bursting of the inner capsule and release of the formulation, can be controlled. A clinical study on this novel site-specific delivery device? conducted by Bio-Images using the imaging technique, gamma scintigraphy?has shown that it can be used to effectively target the distal small intestine and could be a useful tool in regional absorption studies.

Bio-Images clinical site staff will be present to discuss this research on the HS capsule with members of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries at the 37th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Controlled Release Society, Portland, Oregon, 10th – 14th July 2010. Dr Fiona McInnes, on behalf of Bio-Images, will deliver a podium presentation entitled “Site-Specific Delivery With The HS Capsule: A Gamma Scintigraphic Study”.

Gamma scintigraphy is a well established non-invasive imaging technique used to assess the in vivo behaviour of novel formulations, and can also be combined with pharmacokinetics. Information from these studies assist in drug development decision and marketing of new formulations or reformulations. Bio-Images has particular expertise in solving concerns with ‘problem’ formulations, such as dose dumping and food effects.

Bio-Images’ clinical research team will be exhibiting at the 2010 Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting at booth #827.