Tecan And Invitrogen Corporation (IVGN) Announce Agreement To Jointly Develop And Promote Applications Of Invitrogen Research Kits On Tecan Instruments 
10/19/2005 5:11:24 PM

Tecan, a leading player in the health care supply industry, and Invitrogen, a provider of essential life science technologies for disease research and drug discovery, today announced an agreement to promote the use of Invitrogen’s research kits on Tecan’s instruments for a wide variety of key biological science and drug discovery applications. Under the non-exclusive open collaboration agreement, Tecan and Invitrogen will collaborate in the development of applications that combine the use of Invitrogen’s products with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® series of automated platforms, multimode detection devices and microarray systems for a range of life science applications, including nucleic acid sample preparation, microarray applications and cell-based assays. Invitrogen and Tecan will work together to develop solutions for each application. Both companies will promote the solutions arising from the collaboration. Financial details were not disclosed.