In Collaboration With MRC Technology, Groundbreaking New Software From IDBS Predicts Potential New Malaria Therapeutics At Fraction Of Usual Time And Cost 
10/19/2005 5:10:06 PM

IDBS, provider of drug discovery software, and MRC Technology (MRCT), the technology transfer company associated with the UK’s Medical Research Council, today announced that good progress has been made in their malaria research collaboration as a result of adopting model-based drug discovery. This new approach to research has enabled extremely efficient use of a limited budget. Using PredictionBase, a new suite of software tools from IDBS for modelling the suitability of compounds as drugs, MRCT researchers were able to predict with 90% accuracy both the active and inactive compounds against a new malarial target. Having proved the effectiveness of advanced in silico algorithms for the PfSUB-1 assay, which measures inhibition of a protease important in the blood stage of the malarial parasite, MRCT and IDBS will extend the collaboration. The in silico model generated by PredictionBase will be further refined, to deliver more compounds exhibiting the ADME/tox, efficacy and safety profiles of potential malarial drugs – without the traditional time and expense of large-scale diversity screening.