Vivascience AG Introduces The World's Smallest Vacuum Capsule With A Pleated Membrane 
10/19/2005 5:10:43 PM

Vivascience AG has extended its Sartolab product line by the Sartolab 150v vacuum filter capsule. This filter capsule has been specially designed for large volume laboratory-scale sterile filtration. Typical applications are in the fermentation process as well as cell culture technology and filtration of media and buffers. The new Sartolab 150v is the world’s smallest filter capsule featuring a pleated PES membrane. Through the pleated configuration of the membrane, a degree of miniaturization of the capsule housing has been achieved without making any compromises with respect to the filtration area. As a result, Sartolab 150v has exceptionally high flow rates and total throughputs and is extremely easy to use.