Nellcor/Tyco Healthcare Issues Nationwide Recall Of Tracheosoft XLT Extended Length Tracheostomy Tube 
10/19/2005 5:11:09 PM

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 8, 2004, Nellcor/Tyco Healthcare, initiated a voluntary recall of the Shiley(R) TracheoSoft(R) XLT Extended Length Tracheostomy Tube. The Company has shipped 73,355 units over the last four years throughout the U.S. and Canada. This product can be used in the hospital or home-care environment to provide tracheal access for airway management. The recall was prompted by reports of the outer cannula separating from the swivel neck plate. While the number of customer reports of cannula separation is very low, if this failure mode does occur, the outer cannula could travel into the patient's airway, potentially interfering with breathing or ventilation; which could result in serious injury or death.

Accordingly, in the interest of patient safety, our recall extends to all lots of the following products:

Model Number Description 72110-050 Size 5, Proximal Extension, Uncuffed 72110-060 Size 6, Proximal Extension, Uncuffed 72110-070 Size 7, Proximal Extension, Uncuffed 72110-080 Size 8, Proximal Extension, Uncuffed 72120-050 Size 5, Proximal Extension, Cuffed 72120-060 Size 6, Proximal Extension, Cuffed 72120-070 Size 7, Proximal Extension, Cuffed 72120-080 Size 8, Proximal Extension, Cuffed 73110-050 Size 5, Distal Extension, Uncuffed 73110-060 Size 6, Distal Extension, Uncuffed 73110-070 Size 7, Distal Extension, Uncuffed 73110-080 Size 8, Distal Extension, Uncuffed 73120-050 Size 5, Distal Extension, Cuffed 73120-060 Size 6, Distal Extension, Cuffed 73120-070 Size 7, Distal Extension, Cuffed 73120-080 Size 8, Distal Extension, Cuffed 77100-050 Size 5, XLT, Disposable Inner Cannula 77100-060 Size 6, XLT, Disposable Inner Cannula 77100-070 Size 7, XLT, Disposable Inner Cannula 77100-080 Size 8, XLT, Disposable Inner Cannula

The Company has received two reports in which the cannula separation was allegedly associated with two patient deaths. Those TracheoSoft XLT Tracheostomy Tubes currently in use should be exchanged, when practical, with an alternative model at the discretion and judgment of the patient's physician.

Institutions with affected product have received packages outlining the recall process. As of this date, 80 percent of those customers have responded to the recall action. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and officials in other affected countries have been apprised of this recall action.

This action does not affect any other model of Shiley tracheostomy products. We apologize for any disruption this action may cause physicians and their patients. Please be assured that Nellcor/Tyco Healthcare has taken appropriate steps to prevent recurrence of this problem and ensure patient safety.

Clinicians and patients with inquiries should contact our Technical Services Department at 1-800-635-5267, option 3.

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